Switching to Stabilisers - Will Evans, Hendreseifion, Machynlleth

 ‘Our Goal at Hendreseifion is to run a low cost system with a high quality product: I’m excited by the prospects the Stabiliser can deliver for us’, Will Evans

My father had looked at the breed many years before but was not convinced. We went totally open minded to the meeting and returned home convinced we should try the breed.

After a lot of talking and debating we came to the conclusion that no matter how much I crossed my cattle to get the ‘perfect cow’ I would never emulate the Stabiliser. The proof was there based on scientific research, backed up by a large gene pool and precise management systems. It seemed the perfect breed for our farming system.

Looking forward I think the future is assured for the Stabiliser breed. I am convinced that the grading system will change and will be linked to eating quality and taste. A low cost cow will prove very important to run a profitable and sustainable business and in many ways will be an environmentally better way to farm.

Our plan is to build up to a pure Stabiliser herd using our own commercial herd as a base. A wise man once told me ‘It’s easy just follow the £Profit Index’.


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