Robin Talbot of Ballacolla "I have seen nothing to put me off using the Stabiliser"

Robin Talbot of Ballacolla, Laois

Two years ago Robin used his first Stabiliser bull kindly lent to him by Sean Hayden. He was a bit sceptical at first but he was keen to see the performance of the Stabilisers. Calving went very well with no problems.

Robin has retained the Stabiliser heifers as replacements for his herd and he intends to breed them to an Angus bull.

On weaning in May at 10 mths old the Stabiliser calves were on par with the Blue and Angus calves. These were turned out to grass until early September then housed. This is when Robin was surprised by the differences between the  breeds, the Angus averaged 480kg, the Blues 490kg but the Stabilisers were 530kg, this gave them the advantage for a last hard push to get them finished by 16mths if not before.

Robin said “ I have seen nothing to put me off using the Stabiliser, all seems positive and as we are getting older we need to look at an easier way of farming and the Stabiliser seems to fit that remit”. Lee Leachman visited in September and was pleased to see how the Stabilisers were working for Robin.



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