The mating control software is integrated into the ABRI database instructions on how to use it are given on the website. You can access it through the search menus.

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An example of the output that you can produce in Excel is shown below.  The list to the left is cows and heifers in the herd.  The list along the top is herd sires available in the herd or through AI.  Where the two lines intersect the figure explains the in-breeding of such a potential mating.  A 0.0 indicates no in-breeding and a mating can go ahead with no issue.  Anything below 6.25% is generally considered acceptable and is the equivalent of full cousins mating i.e. there are two common grandparents.  Figures above 6.25% are generally advised as being not appropriate.

In the table below the blue circled potential mating is a father daughter mating and the red-circled mating is a grand-daughter grand-father mating.
EBVs explained

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