See the improvement of Stabiliser® cattle over time…

The Stabiliser® breeding programme has 10,000 cows in over 110 herds across the country.

The quantity and quality of data that has been collected for Stabiliser maternal traits in recent years has been very good making these EBVs strong. The genetic trends confirm that the breed is heading in the right direction with increasing Weaner Index and Finisher Index whilst keeping birth weight under control. This basically means that the Stabiliser has significantly improved over the last 10 years and is therefore increasing it profit potential.


Stabiliser Genetic Indexes by Calving Year


Stabiliser Breed Average Birth, 200d and 400d weights


Genetic Variation in £Profit Index


“We have a low cost, low labour cow and good quality finishing cattle that meet the needs of the market.”

Pete and Mel Momber

“Our Goal is to run a low cost system with a high quality product”

Will Evans

“The great thing about the Stabiliser breed is that it brings all the right qualities to a suckler herd”

Jono Cole

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