BIG US TRIP 2018 Day 5

Day 5

The Rolland Family Norton

Leaving Nebraska we headed for Kansas to meet Gary Rolland’s a man of distinguished knowledge of the cattle business.

We met Gary in Norton and were introduced to cinnamon buns with all different flavours which gave everybody a good start to the day, not that we hadn’t eaten well throughout the whole trip so far.

Gary used to manage the farms at Fort Hays State University Kansas which is where a few of us had the pleasure of meeting him there 10 years ago. Gary now farms in partnership with his wife Sammett and son Garrett and are LCOC Cooperators.

Gary as well as ranching in his own right is the Semen Cooperative Director for LCOC and assists herds in making breeding decisions. Gary says “The breeding decisions we make this year will affect the success of our operations for many years”

Garrett gained a degree in Beef Cattle Management from Fort Hays State University while his father was there and served an internship with LCOC. Garrett is now a Representative Coordinator for LCOC for the Elite Semen Cooperative.

Sammett who is greatly involved with the Stabiliser cattle on the ranch has a background with Hereford Cattle.

Gary showed us around his herd of 200 cows grazing 2500 acres of grass which was quite burnt up with heat that day well into the 90’s Fahrenheit (that’s hot !!!!) and gave the group in depth details of the breed and encouraging words to help and improve everybody’s knowledge of cattle breeding.

Bloodlines in use were Hooks Trinity, Resolution and Big Gene, both lines we are using in the UK.

All cows are AI’d and then multi sires are turned in with the cows, all calves will be DNA’d at birth to confirm parentage.

AI used this year was Foundation a £24,000 Angus , Accelerate a composite and Bullseye a red Stabiliser from Rissington New Zealand.

He is an inspiration to listen to.

A comment he made “We’d better start liking the look of those cows that make money or we’ll all be broke”

We all stopped together for lunch of Certified Angus Burgers. More food !!

Then loaded up for a 5.5 hours trip of 305 miles back to Fort Collins ready for the next day’s visit to see Lee Leachman




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