BIG US TRIP 2018 Day 4 afternoon

Day 4 afternoon

Rempe Farms

Afternoon visit was to Rempe Farms Superior in Nebraska.

Sam Rempe who runs the cattle side of the business with his father Jim.

Sam gave a presentation on Rempe Farms to give us a good overview of what they do.

The original herd in the 1950s was Hereford’s now they have 600 Stabiliser cows and introduce 300 heifers per year, so then selling on older cows and in- calf heifers.

They also have 4500 arable, growing corn(maize), soya, wheat and Alfalfa they also have cover crops and sunflowers. This side is managed by Jim’s brother and his son.

Sam was with the Leachman Company in 2011 on and internship after which they started on the Leachman cattle breeding programme AI’ing 25% of their cattle to Leachman bulls and purchased Leachman Instigator.

All cows now are mated according to £profit.

Rempe Farms bulls feature well in the Leachman sales. They send the entire bull crop to LCOC where they then select the potential breeding bulls out and the remaining are sent to the Lincoln County Feed yard.

Sam as well as helping at home is the Leachman Semen Divisions Manager a growing business where he also gets involved in custom AI,ing 3000 cows per year.

After a tour around the ranch the Rempe family very kindly entertained the group with a tasty supper of smoked beef sirloin, it was enjoyed by everyone and totally cleaned up as well no seconds or left overs for lunchboxes.

Thank you Sam and family

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