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Stabiliser heifers with calves at foot


Wanting to try a few an ideal opportunity to start.
The Cappele herd has a group of 6 Stabiliser heifers with calves at foot.
Red heifers with 6 heifer calves and 6 bull calves ready to move anytime.
Please call for more details.

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South West Scotland


A group of 20 Stabiliser heifers north of Dumfriess. Running on a paddock grazing system at the moment ready to bull mid June.

An ideal group for a new entrant to the breed.

Please call for more details soory no photos available.

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South West Scotland


20 Stabiliser Bulling heifers ready to go to the bull in Dumfrieshire.
Hardy heifers that were all born outside.
Please call for more details.
Photographed was taken 6 weeks ago.

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Nationwide supply of Stabiliser Heifers

England North East

If you are interested in purchasing Stabiliser heifers please contact us directly as not all stock is advertised on the website if interest is shown beforehand. So please register your interest.

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