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In Calf Heifers and cows


Scottish Stabiliser in-calf heifers for sale near Loch Ness.
15 heifers scanned to calf in March.
6-F1, 7-F2 and 2-F3
10 in calf cows born 2013, 2014 and 2015 due from 15th april to 30th June scanning dates are available.
Also on the same farm for an Autumn calving herd 3 cows (2.5 year old) with young calves at foot for sale.
Video available of the heifers

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Stabiliser in Calf Heifers


A group of 15 in calf heifers scanned and due to calf March/April 2018. Well grown and looking well mainly black, F3's and above. Located in North Wales in an area which has now been declared TB free. Please call for details.

Copy of Welsh open day and park heifers 057

Nationwide supply of Stabiliser Heifers

England North East

If you are interested in purchasing Stabiliser heifers please contact us directly as not all stock is advertised on the website if interest is shown beforehand. So please register your interest.

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