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Whole herd sale of Stabiliser Cows and Calves

England Midlands

A fantastic opportunity to start with a full herd of Stabiliser cows.
60 Breeding cows will be scanned before sale.
Bull calves will be kept on farm for fattening, the 28 heifer calves will be sold with their mothers or as a seperate lot.
Cows age range from 7 years to 27 mths . All looking in good condition. A picture on the web but with more available on request.
The herd originated from some bought in recorded cattle, which carried on for a few years on this farm but has not been recorded for the past 2 years.
The herd has had extensive AI used on it over the years to keep up with genetic improvement.
Stock bull on the farm is also available Crebilly Porterhouse
Please call for more details.

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Stabiliser Cows and Calves


A group of 15 Stabiliser Cows and calves for sale, genuine reason as herd needs to be reduced in numbers, Stabiliser cows lasting longer !!
Ranging from 10th calver down to 2nd calvers. All in good condition with a mixture of bull and heifer calves running with them. The cows are running with a bull and can be sold at anytime.

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Stabiliser in calf heifers


The Cappele herd has a group of 6 Stabiliser heifers to sell.
The heifers are red and consost of 3 F3's and 3 Pures with 3 heifer calves and 3 bull calves.
An ideal group of somebody to try teh Stabiliser breed
Please call for more details

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