The Stabiliser™ Cattle Company is the UK leader in beef genetics for suckler beef production.

Beef Improvement Group Ltd trades as the Stabiliser Cattle Company and is owned by JSR Farming, Birdsall Estate and R and J Farms. SCC offers a complete package for suckler beef producers from breeding stock through to a premium market for finished cattle. SCC delivers cattle that are driving beef profitability through innovation. The office team coordinates the efforts of over 90 breeders, called Multipliers, who manage 9,000+ breeding cows to produce the best suckler beef genetics available today.

About Us

The Stabiliser™ Cattle Company (SCC) was formed in 1997 by five serious beef producers based in East Yorkshire in response to their requirement to develop an improved suckler cow type to replace their less efficient dairy-bred cows.

The Company is now a UK leader in beef genetics producing Stabiliser™ dam line breeding stock and offers added value for finished cattle through an arrangement with Morrisons

The focus of the breeding programme is to improve the economic efficiency of suckler cows and the production of consistently high eating quality beef for least cost from forage-based systems

Many leading Suckler producers recognise that the Holstein influence in breeding cow populations is undermining profitability with poor fertility and by increasing maintenance and replacement costs


Big Beef - Cattle

Formed in 1997 by five significant beef producers based in East Yorkshire

Big Beef - Cattle RJF59

After several visits to the Leachman Cattle Company in Montana and the USDA Meat Animal Research Centre in Nebraska, SCC directors selected the Stabiliser™ breed to develop in the UK as a new and improved purpose-bred beef cow.

The company is expanding the breed by developing a network of recorded nucleus breeders working within a Multiplier Agreement and with breeders who are grading up to pure Stabiliser™ status from their existing cow base.

In October 2014 the Stabiliser™ Cattle Company was officially recognised as a pedigree organisation by the UK Government under Commission Decision 84/247/EEC.

Click here to view the Stabiliser Pedigree Standards


“We have a low cost, low labour cow and good quality finishing cattle that meet the needs of the market.”

Pete and Mel Momber

“Profit per hectare should be the primary measure of business performance and for beef suckler producers.”

Lee Leachman

“Performance recording is a crucial part of making progress. I like the direction Stabiliser is going and I expect to continue to improve my profitability by having the best genetics working for me.”

David Girvan

The People

Richard Fuller
Richard Fuller

Business Development Director

07970 097519

Richard started the Stabiliser™ project in the early 1990s and now looks after the strategic development of the business.

Ursula Taylor
Ursula Taylor

Sales Manager

07790 018637

Ursula looks after sales of breeding stock and finished cattle as well as running the office day-to-day and fielding enquires on anything and everything on Stabiliser matters.

Duncan Pullar
Duncan Pullar

Independent Technical Consultant

07496 415984

Duncan looks after the ABRI developments associated with the genetic evaluations and supports breeders with advice on breeding.

Robert Rook, R & J Farms Ltd - Chairman
Richard Fuller, BIG Business Development Director
Tim Rymer, Chairman JSR Farms
Lord Michael Middleton, Birdsall Estates
Robin Hughes, Farm Manager, Birdsall Estates
Leland Leachman, Leachman Cattle of Colorado
Richard Parry, Crugeran Farm, Pwlhelli - Non Executive Director
David Alvis, Managing Director Yorkshire Dairy Goats - Non Executive Director

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