BIG US TRIP 2018 Day 4 Morning

Day 4

USA Meat Animal Reaseach Centre Nebraska

We travelled from Alliance to Clay Center to visit the  United States Meat Animal Research Centre where the MARC II (Stabiliser) evolved.

We were joined by the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Association and also 4 beef producers from Australia.

Presentations were from

Dr GaryBennett – Overview of USMARC

Dr.Thallman – Germplasm Evaluation Overview

Dr. Freetly – Feed Efficiency Presentation

Drs. Keele and Drs Snelling -Vision for Genomics & Selection

After the presentation we had a farm tour looking at the feedlot where they had made a large investment in installing a shaded area in each pen, this was obviously being used by the cattle in the 30+ degree heat that we were out in.

We were also shown a large group of MARC II heifers that had been AI’d and had a group of bulls running with them to sweep up. These heifer’s calves would all be DNA’d for parentage

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