BIG US TRIP 2018 - Day 3

Day 3

Lincoln County Feed Yard

Steve Scholz the owner gave us a brief overview of the feedlot.

35,000 cattle on at present with a capacity of 70,000 going through a year.

Cattle are fed three times a day and it takes from 6.00am – 4.00pm.

The food is measured out into smart feed bunkers which are large bunkers that weigh and hold the feed until needed they are then tipped into the feeder mixer waggon.

Diet consists of corn(maize), whole crop, corn syrup which is high in fat, 50% moisture mix.

1.5million lbs of feed, fed a day with present numbers

Steve himself organises the loads daily per yards.

Cattle at the feedlot 65% are on custom finishing

Data is returned to breeder

Steve himself runs 500 Stabiliser cows buying heifers from Mike Healey of LU Ranch who sends his cattle to the feedlot he uses Leachman high feed efficient Charolais $profit bulls.


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