New suckler beef production book

‘A Guide to Profitability’

 Building a sustainable UK suckler beef industry is the primary focus of a new textbook to be published in early 2018. Compiled from a lifetime of practical experience and astute observations by renowned beef expert Richard Fuller, ‘Suckler Beef: A Guide to Profitability’ contains practical advice aimed at suckler beef herds based on in-field experience and research.  Available through Context Publications from the third week in January, the book can be ordered online via –

Covering everything from the principles of production to genetic evaluation and beef eating quality, the book will be a vital asset to every beef farmer, vet, or student’s bookshelf.

The focus of the book is simple: What is the most profitable model for beef production in the UK and how do you build it? Offering knowledge, best practice information, tips and management guidelines, ‘Suckler Beef: A Guide to Profitability’ supplies everything the new entrant or experienced farmer needs to know to streamline their system and continue to be profitable in an uncertain industry.

The book also looks at how the UK beef industry can become a more competitive player in international markets. Specifically, it explores the role of composite breeds in rectifying the damaging effects of relying on dairy-bred dams to produce a beef animal. With scientific research and performance recording driving its development, and beef eating quality high on the agenda, does the concept of a composite breed hold the key to sustainability and profitability in the UK suckler beef sector?







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