Low birth weights encourage sounder sleep!

The 2016 birth weight data tells a very positive story for the Stabiliser breed. The graphs below show the distribution of birth weights for heifer (blue bars) and bull calves (red bars).

The average birthweights are 35.5kg for heifer calves and 37.5kg for bull calves which is a recipe for lots of unassisted calvings. Another way of looking at this information is to consider how many calves would be over 45kg. In the bull calves the answer is a satisfying 10% and for heifers its only 4% of calves that come in (or rather come out!) at over 45 kg.

Over the last 20 years the average birthweight EBVs in recorded herds have hardly changed at all which is a very impressive achievement when you consider that average 400 day weight EBVs have increased by 35kg over the same period. These results truly show the possibilities of a well-managed breeding plan with economic objectives front and centre of breeding decisions.

As they say in the USA we aim to produce “Sleep through the night bulls” and a low birthweight is key to that.

birth weights 2016
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