Congratulations to John Aynsley for his award.......

The Northern Farmer monthly newspaper has been running an awards night for 4 years.  This year John Aynsley , farm manager at Low House farm near Guisborough for Skelton Estate, won the Farmer Manager category and then went on to win the overall award being “crowned” Northern Farmer of the year.

The Skelton herd of Stabilisers was started in 2012 with the first calves born in 2013.  Since the start John has worked hard to build the quality and the numbers of his herd, last year John and his team calved 500 cows.  John is obviously an all rounder because the judges praised him for his arable yields (1400 acres) and his team management as well as his use of new technology to get the most out of the farm.  Alongside the Stabiliser herd John also has a flock of 1300 performance recorded Lleyn sheep which utilise the 1480 acres of grass land and 320 acres of moorland.

This latest award for a Stabiliser farmer raises an interesting “Chicken and egg – which came first” question.  Stabiliser herds and their owners have done very well in awards events over recent years.  Do the cows make the winner or does a good farmer get attracted to the Stabiliser approach?  Probably both of the these elements come into play.  Certainly the beef farmer using Stabiliser genetics is generally someone who has critically assessed their beef enterprise and decided they need the enterprise to make money!!  But once “in the Stabiliser family” their does seem to be a further effect that encourages good performance and a desire to show off about it by entering awards events!!!

Well done John.


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