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 Welcome to the Stabiliser Cattle Company (SCC) website.

As we move forward into the 21st century it will become more important than ever for farmers to organise suckler systems that are increasingly efficient and which deliver affordable and consistent high eating quality beef to consumers.
The Stabiliser Cattle Company is committed to ensuring that these targets are met through a well managed, recorded breeding programme which is designed to minimise costs and to increase the output of consistent high eating quality beef from forage based systems.
Working with scientists over the years we have established a strong breeding model that is delivering significant breed improvement for all commercially important traits.
The initial results from our new industry-leading Net Feed Efficiency project indicates that we are on target to save 12% in feed costs and about a 20% reduction in Green house gas emissions by identifying the most feed efficient breeding animals.
The Marketing Partnership we have with Morrisons will enable us to target our cattle at a specific market. Carcase data supplied back to us by Morrisons will make sure we are able to keep retail value and eating quality on track.
Please take time to browse the pages of this web site and learn more about the Stabiliser breeding programme and what it is delivering to an increasing number of well satisfied farmers  

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